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American Eagles: Investing Gold and Silver Coins

Gold and silver coin purchases are one of most popular ways to get physical gold, silver and other metals. There are many kinds of silver and gold coin, but this article will focus only on The American Eagle Coin. You can get the best IRA gold fund on our place.

Gold Eagles

Congress approved the 1985 minting of this coin and it was first issued in 1986. Every coin has its stated weight in 22-karat, which was the standard for circulating gold coins 350 years earlier. Any remaining content is made of copper and sterling. This increases the Gold Eagle’s resistance to scratching and marring. Gold Eagles are rich in historical significance, because they are based off the Augustus Saint-Gaudens design for the highly sought-after 1907 $20-gold coins. The reverse features a family portrait of eagles that symbolises family tradition as well as unity. The majority of coin lovers will only own a handful, because they consider it their primary method to store wealth.

Silver Eagles

Silver Eagles were authorized and first issued by Congress in 1986. Each coin contains one-third of an ounce silver and copper. This helps to prevent scratching. Beginning investors can easily establish a position in precious metals by purchasing silver, which is cheaper than gold or silver eagles.

Why American Eagles

One indicator of investment value is liquidity. Is it possible to convert it into cash easily? Due to their unique U.S. Government backing and ability to be converted into cash, Gold and Silver Eagles can be sold at any of the many precious metals or coin dealers in the world. They are legal tender. Because Gold and Silver has historically had a higher price than silver, their face value of $1 is symbolic. The United States Government guarantees that their weight, purity, and content are all guaranteed. American Eagles are also welcome on major investment platforms worldwide. You can include them in an Individual Retirement Account. They can be sold as-is, which is a great advantage. Eagles, for all of the above reasons, are highly sought after and can be traded at a premium. The most common strategy is for wealth to be stored in Gold Eagles and Silver Eagles to “walk around money”. Please note that there are many different gold and silver coins. Silver Eagles, also known as gold and silver, are a popular way to own gold and silver.

Where can you find American Eagles.

The majority of major coin and precious material dealers will carry Gold and Silver Eagles Coins. For budget-minded buyers, the Gold Eagles come in four weights: 1/10th, 1/4th, 1/2 ounce, and 1 troy ounce. I recommend establishing a relationship to 2-3 coon dealers in your community so you can pick the phone and speak with someone when you’re ready to buy more gold or silver coins. This will make it easier to move forward without having to scramble. Before you work with any coin dealer, be patient and take your time.

Why you should be investing in gold

You should consider investing in gold for reasons that have nothing to do with the US dollar. Investing gold will help protect you against the imminent collapse of the dollar and hedge your portfolio to inflation. See gold IRA retirement planning to get more info.

The following are some reasons why the US Dollar is in serious decline. It is time to invest in gold.

As the dollar continues its inflation (and the U.S. Government set this in cement through their quantitative easing policy), you will lose purchasing power.
Insurance protects your house and valuables from any future loss. Protecting your purchasing power against future loss is even more sensible when you realize that currency devaluation hides the tax.
Silver and gold coins are insurance that protects you against the dollar’s declining value. The government can’t print gold or shrink it.
For $30,000 to buy the same amount of purchasing power as $30,000, you must make $50,000 per annum.
For $1,150 per monthly retirement income, which is also the poverty level income income, you will need to have $250,000 with 5% interest in the bank. Do you own $250,000 in the bank
Do you think the unfunded U.S. Debt that has been accrued since Obama’s inception will fade away without any inflationary effects?
What do YOU think will happen to the dollar’s value if the Obama Administration succeeds in its attempt to nationalize 18.5% of the U.S. economy by taking over the healthcare industry? The U.S. Imagine the U.S. postal system running health care. It will give you a glimpse of how cost-effective and efficient it will be.
If the U.S. future debt predictions are not half as dire as expected, you should consider investing in gold to guard yourself against accelerating inflation or hyper-inflation.

You should begin investing in gold as soon as possible to increase your chances of avoiding inflation. There is an international market for silver and gold that the government cannot control, unlike the dollar that can be changed at their will. Real wealth, such as gold and silver, can be held safely in your hands. Not by banks or private companies that could be taken by the government.