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Feminine Energy – Owning Our Feminine Energy

Many of us were brought up to believe that we should give our power over to a ‘God/Goddess’ who was not visible. This Being was responsible for our entire lives. They made all decisions on our behalf and gave us tests in order to demonstrate our worth. Our teachers taught us we didn’t have any power, we weren’t worthy and had no control. You can see dietas on our website.

It is almost like we try to find ways of giving away our power. It seems we’ll do anything to avoid having to take responsibility for our own lives. So long as we avoid taking responsibility for our lives, we will blame God, the government, our bosses or our parents.

Our reality is created by us.

With our thoughts, emotions and our attention we create all that exists in our lives. Focusing on something is what creates. We have to take responsibility for all that happens in our lives.

Together, we are able to create collective consciousness and the energies that it contains. The energy that is generated by our cities, governments and countries comes from this collective consciousness. It’s our collective consciousness which has made the world what it is.

The world we live in is filled with division. The world we live in is full of separation. We don’t see how the thoughts we have are creating our reality.

To the advantage of those ‘powers’ that once were, it is important that we feel and experience this sense of separation. Their benefit is that we are more interested in Reality TV, violent movies and creating peace than they are. It is to their benefit that we pay more attention to Reality TV and violent movies than creating peace.

In the tens of thousands of year that we lived under patriarchal rule, this is what has happened. There has been violence, wars and separation.

Feminine Energies have now taken over and are becoming more powerful. Our society is moving toward a matriarchal one based in love, harmony and feminine power. Time for women to take charge of the entire world. Now is the time to step into your feminine power, whether you are a man or a woman.

Feminine Power is peaceful, accepting and gentle. This power can be both protective and strong. You can imagine a bear mother protecting her babies. The Mother isn’t weak.