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Hurry up and Get to the Top of Your Page!

When you read about tips to increase traffic to a website, the most important tip is usually “CONTENT”. If that was not your #1 recommendation then perhaps it should be. Anyone will ignore a website with outdated information. This is the equivalent of old TV programs and reruns. If you create more content, the search engines index it more. That means you can be found by more users. The best side hustles 2023 of this blog post can be used on your own website if it’s needed. However, you will need to place a prominent text link at both top AND bottom.

The possibilities are endless for promoting your blog and site. Feel free to leave them as comments in case you like.

AdWords are CPC (and similar programs)

You can advertise on other websites without having to go directly and find them. AdWords has to be one of the more popular programs for cpc. AdWords allows you to choose your keywords and how much you pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement. This service allows people with any budget to have an efficient advertising campaign. The benefit is that you pay only for targeted traffic. Google has an estimator that can help you estimate how many clicked will result from the keyword, daily budget or maximum bid. Try experimenting with different keywords, CPC and bids to see what results you get. A click that costs too much can be a disaster. Do it. As you increase your CPC, first to $1.01, and then to 0.01, you will see that it is not what you thought. The most expensive bid doesn’t necessarily mean the most effective, unless the budget for the campaign is unlimited.

AdWords allows you to compare other ads for similar keywords. It is important to create an ad unique from others. This is the best way to make sure that traffic goes to your landing page. AdWords doesn’t end, because people are searching for new terms every day and the Internet is full of trending topics. You will have the advantage if you stay up-to-date with CPC, Ad Quality or keywords.

Direct Adspace

The purchase of ad-space directly from the website that is closely tied to your products or site can significantly enhance branding, and also increase traffic. You should research and verify that the advertiser can actually deliver. It is possible to get a better deal if your conversion rate is high. When you use cost per impact, it is common to be charged for a certain number of advertisements. Imagine $1/1000. Sometimes $30/two-weeks. Even though the traffic is high-quality and at a low price, it’s useless if your efforts are not correct. Think about these things. Ad placement. Determine where you will see your ad (top, bottom, left, right, front page or link page). It is important to know how many similar ads you will have to compete against. The click-through rate of 2 ads side by side can be reduced up to 50%, depending on their quality.

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