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Five Options of Window Blinds for Homeowners

It is believed that window blinds were invented in the early 1800s. Persians draped wet cloth over their windows for protection from desert dust, and also to increase indoor temperature. Chinese ancients fashioned bamboo lattices for privacy. Venetians traded with Middle East residents and borrowed the Persians’ concept. See blinds illawarra for get more info.

In the late 18th Century, modern blinds appeared for windows. With the advent of better materials and newer production methods they have gained the same popularity as their cloth predecessors. As in the past, blinds are used to block out prying eyes from the outside world, reduce external light, or lock in heat.

Blinds for windows are an important household item, and not just because they’re functional, but because technology has improved to make window coverings both attractive and useful. A well-chosen blind for a window can bring a splash of color to even the most bland interiors.

Roman, Venetian and vertical blinds (often referred to as louvre) can all be classified into Roman, Venetian or roller. While the blinds may seem interchangeable at first glance, their design is such that certain styles of window are best suited to each type.

Roman Blinds can, for instance be made out of fabric to fold back when raised. When a chain cord is pulled, slats at the back of a single-piece piece of material are mounted so that the blinds stack into horizontal pleats. It is more effective to lower the blinds all the way and have them lie flat. This will result in better insulation for cold months.
roller blinds consist of a single piece of fabric. The material is rolled by using springs or a pre-loaded chain. As there are no slats, they are rolled up neatly by the lightweight aluminium cylinder.
Venetian Blinds is horizontal slats that are not covered with fabric. These slats, which are made out of vinyl, wood or aluminium stack nicely when lifted. Venetian shades allow for light through when the blinds are opened top-to bottom. Angle the slats in order to adjust the amount of daylight entering the room.
Louvre Blinds is also known by the term vertical blinds. The slats of these blinds are suspended from the top down, just as they suggest. Vertical blinds, which are available in thicker vertical slats to fit smaller windows and sliding doors, are the best choice for those with larger windows. Buildings with glass walls can use vertical blinds for an antiglare screen while allowing light inside.
Vertical blinds are similar to panel blinds in that they can be used as a screen for large openings. Panel blinds glide left and right on tracks. Fabric or any other fabric built into the panel is used as the screen. As such they can serve as temporary dividers of large areas.

Window blinds come in many different styles and colors. This means that even the pickiest of shoppers will be able to find something to their liking.

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