Hi we are a couple with a 15 month old son… looking for land to buy with or next to another family (or ideally a few families). We want it to be so the children can play together and we can all help each other out when needed… Are there any families out there interested? We’re in Portugal at the moment, in Benfeita and looking around here. Found some lovely cheap land here but really want to be next to other families with small people….. Surely this is not just a dream…?? Please contact if you or anyone is interestedxx


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  1. Ruth says:

    Hello there,

    If you haven’t bought yet and would consider living in Serra da Estrela, then please contact us – we are gathering families in this area with the intend to help each other in every possible way – already already some people around here.

    Send me an e-mail for more info

    Kindest wishes

    Ruth & Al

  2. eddie says:

    Hi Guys!
    We have two boys (2 and 6) and are really wanting to buy land and build LID/ operate permaculture setup….the big but, as you know is that we want to be around other families.
    Don’t know much about Portugal but would love to find out more…are there like minded folk out there? What areas should we look at?
    We have sold our property and are currently homeless, living with family in UK. Ready to invest in a dream.
    Do get in touch guys, it’s folk like you that we’re desparate to hear from!
    Smile Eddie and Sol

  3. pieter paul, annemiek and robbin says:


    We are looking for land around benfeita too. Preferably we want to buy a piece of land close by other couple(s) with young children, our daugther is two and a half. maybe we should stay in touch!

    pieter paul and annemiek

  4. Rade says:

    Hey all,

    My name’s Rade and from your post it looks like we might be sharing a similar dream. I will be in Portugal from mid November(close to Tabua) as a part time WWOOF-er(in a way) and then hopefully I’ll be able to buy some land of my own next year. I have a 5 year old girl, who’s with me from time to time, and would be very interested in staying close to other families, as I am quite keen on alternative education and work with kids. I have sent a post a couple of months ago on this board(winter opportunity sought), there’s bit more about me there.

    Love and light to you all,

  5. sara says:

    Hi guys,
    any news after 1 month of research?
    We are Emil & Sara, a couple both 29 years old from Sweden and Italy.
    We moved in Portugal 2 months ago. Right now we’re volunteers in Odeiceixe, South Alentejo, enjoying the sun (and lately the rain), working in the garden, sharing experiences with our hosts and appreciating the freedom of a more sustainable lifestyle.

    Our plan is to find our place on this planet, starting in Portugal. We dream of finding our own piece of land, build ourself a HOUSE WITH EARTH and live as much self sufficient as possible.

    We also believe the best experience would be living in a community (“Only tribes will survive” Vine Deloria jr. / Native American), because we not only want to learn and share knowledge, we’d like to open up to rich souls and being part of a growing project.

    For these reasons we’re looking for ANY KIND of information you can provide us about NATURAL BUILDING WORKSHOP and ECO-COMMUNITY in Portugal.

    TO RUTH: We heard amazing things about serra da estrela (really suggest you this short movie: http://vimeo.com/31170389) and we for sure WOULD CONSIDER living there. Can you please get in touch?

    Wish to everybody to find the way.
    sara and emil.

  6. sandy says:

    hello all you lovely people, i,m just in the process of selling my small house in spain and move to portugal, i,m 54 so if any one would also like a granny figure to share with!!!!! please reply. i,ve got 4 big kids the youngest is 16. and 2 grandkids 7 and 4 who would be visiting sometimes ! a place with lots of water is a must, as i definately want to work towards self sufficiency. not ready to come quite yet but if anyone could help by putting me and my daughter up when we can come would be great and it,d also be great to meet people already established there for advice etc.!! love n lentils sandy !!!

  7. suzee tylee says:

    hello to everyone,
    we too (3!) are following the community dream in Portugal. We are Joss and Suzee and our 3 year old son Ezra. We are currently in the Algarve, have been here for 2 months exploring to see if this is where we would like to settle but had very little luck finding like minded people, just beautiful beaches!
    We have given up everything in the UK to find a new way of life after reaching fatigue with our jobs in the city. We are living in our campervan and have been for the last 4 months which suits us now but we would like to build some kind of wooden structure to help make it a little more roomy!
    We are staying on a piece of land right now that has internet, electricity and a flushing toilet but I would sacrifice all of these conveniences to be surrounded by like minded people and have a play mate for Ezra.
    We are self sufficient in our van though as have solar power and batteries so are able to take ourselves anywhere. We are keen to live on the land, grow and harvest fruit and veg and even live stock.
    We are heading to Spain for xmas then to Morocco for a month or 2 and then next spring we’ll be ready to settle down and really channel our energy into a project. In the meantime we have a few weeks to caress to would love to link up with some or any of you, please get in touch at suzeeworld@hotmail.com

    love SJE x

  8. Sophie and Co. says:

    Wonderful to read this! We are looking for others to connect with in Portugal for all the same reasons as in the posts above. Weare a family with an almost four year old and a 2.5 year old. We have a fab camper and would like to rent or buy land in a region where other like minded families are gathering. We are thinking of home schooling we can make enough connections for the kids to have some friends. We would like to buy a yurt to have alongside our camper before building something. Any one with tips or suggestions please get in touch! (btw, we are dutch and English)…. Looking forward to connecting!

  9. Luís Barata says:

    Please contact me luisbarata@clix.pt
    I have land and houses to rent in Castelo Branco.

  10. stefan novellino says:

    Dear friends !
    for years i have been dreaming fo similar things i read hear above !
    it seems to me incredible tohave find this place with so many ” friends ”
    that want similar things
    shortly about me :
    i am 52 , living in sweden with 4 children who go to a waldorf school
    i am selling everything i have here to invest in a farm communnity
    i am looking for a frost free place in order to establish a subtropical fruit garden , and
    i want to find people that have understood how creazy world we live in
    destroying everything with microwaves ( mobiles…WIFI.. )
    I want to leave this discussion behynd me and put all my energy in other positive things to build up
    i have many years experience in bydinamic farming , gardening , fruits
    trees care , i work as a baker( bread ) too , very interested in living food , and reforestation and to create a healing biotope , i am interested in working with horses ( have done many years )
    i have been working studing cheese making dairy production .
    i am acquainted with anastasia thougths and like many of them .
    i recon to have sold my properties in spring time here in sweden and start moving to south portugal
    so lets keep in touch and talk and build up a way together …
    here my mail stefannovellino@swipnet.se

  11. Henrique - Estrela says:

    Hello! We are three couples (port. – engl. – german/port.) with 4 childs together between 5 and 7 (three girls, one boy) and we have the idea to make homeschooling together in the area of Penela – Miranda do Corvo.
    In this area are o lot of houses/land for rent/buy, the air is clean, the earth fertil and the water of the serra for drink. But here it is very very difficult to find work.
    Contact: hepebuch@yahoo.de
    Love & light

  12. Ellen Kool says:

    How nice to see, so many people have the same dream!We (me,Ellen, 45 and two kids 5 and 10) are travelling now for 6 months with the bus,a cat and a hamster. At the moment I’m in the North of Spain, enjoying the beautifull nature and pueblos abandonados. My dream is also to live simply, enjoying nature… But also a place for the kids (and adults) to play together, eat and meet together, help eachother and inspire eachother. Sometimes I see this beaulifull pueblos abandonados waiting to be alive again…
    Homeschooling and for the kids a place to develop their own way in a respectfull way is important to me. The nature, silence here is beautifull, but when I read this… I think we should visit Portugal! So, I would very much like to meet you and talk to you all. We’ll visit Portugal in Februari, March …Muchos Besos and happyness XX If you want to contact us… imakeimage@hotmail.com Ellen, Branco Y Maira

  13. stefan novellino says:

    hello to ruth , pieter paul , rade ,
    and all the others who write
    … ” send me an email “…
    can you explain to me please how to send you a mail if you do not put your mail adress …??
    probably there is another way that i can t see…?

  14. Patrick says:

    Hello how possible is it for you to come live in East Africa, there is lots of land here with so many families with young children.

  15. stefan novellino says:

    Patrick …! who are you referring too ?? …. generally ?
    tell more about you , the place , where , and more …

  16. Ben says:

    We are starting a community in Limousin area of France.
    Our site: http://www.eco-chateau.com
    Right now it is just Ruth and I, (Ben) we are looking for: Skilled motivated people who want to: Grow food, bake, cook, keep animals, make clothing etc. And basically live in a community of fun kind people.
    Email please if you have A. Skills and maybe your own yurt, and are interested B. Money to buy a piece of the land (30 Acres)

  17. Susanna Nova says:

    Hi all, thanks for all beautiful posts…

    I am from Sweden, run my own business and have a daughter of 6 years old.

    We are interested in moving to Portugal, and a kind of loose community setting. We are into ecological lifestyle, home-schooling, raw-food, spring water, permaculture, natural beauty, free creative playfulness and daily life as a magic place to be…

    Interested in places and contacts in Portugal.

    We are looking to move as there now is a Swedish law that makes home-schooling illegal.

    Would love for anyone to contact me about what is manifesting…

    Is there a mailing list with all the people interested? Would maybe be a better way to stay in touch.

    Susanna Nova (susannanova@temple.ma)

  18. Olly Perry says:

    Hello to you all, I am so glad I’ve found this website. My partner and I are about to start looking for land to buy in Portugal where we can be creative (pottery, music, writing etc), grow our own food (on a permaculture basis), build an eco-home and live simply in harmony with nature, putting our energy and passion back into the Earth. We don’t have a family just yet but we will once we have found a home! We’re peaceful, loving, hardworking people looking for a tribe. Please get in touch. We’re hoping to come to Portugal at the beginning of March and we will be driving about in a camper van.
    love and light
    Olly and Andi

  19. michael john says:

    i have a house w/ land in Asturias, a wonderful province of Northern Spain. There is lots of land and houses and good stuff up there, and it’s better weather, more infrastructure, maybe a bit more wealthy too.

    we already have a full house but next door is a large structure suitable for adaption, w/ electric, water etc. and we have a good acre w about 40 fruit trees. Current residents include a spanish-german young family w 2 kids.

    Free to the right people.


  20. stefan novellino says:

    HELLO ! Olly Perry !
    i wonder how do you suppose me to get in touch , if you do not leave an email adress …???
    you can see mine at least on the posts above !

  21. Zita says:

    Hi everyone! I have emailed some of you. Olly Perry… would love to contact you too…. where is your email address please??

    I am renting in Viavai near Penela, it is indeed VERY beautiful and fertile and the people are SO very welcoming and helpful.
    The area to the east from Coimbra seems popular with Permaculture and courses, farms etc, but it is too cold here for me.

    Staying within central Portugal, but going south a little to the national park areas of the Alto, Portelegra or possibly down to the Alentejo is more likely to be my plan as it will be warmer in winter, still good soil, water and lots of large pieces of land available.
    Also being near the border to Spain, very useful.

    I am a young & spirited 51 yr old. My son Ben is 23 (here with me) I have Fibromyalgia, so can’t work much, but am bursting with enthusiasm for a better, more “human” way of life. I am sure good, organic food, fresh air, good people around me will make me well.
    I have a little money to invest in land and would love to find people who can help me by building a clay or straw eco-cottage!
    I can cook, sew, baby-sit, sing… ha ha! My son is very capable and will turn his hand to any new skill very easily.
    I am happy to live in a Yurt first and take part in projects as much as I can.

    I hope to hear back from you all!?

    Love and light and many blessings to you all!

  22. Zita says:

    OOPS!!! It doesn’t show up the email you type in the box…
    AND it is NOT 7.38am, it is 14.40pm! 😀

  23. Willow says:

    Warms my heart hearing so much enthusiasm. Lifts my spirit…. knowing…I am not alone in my hope for sustainable natural REAL community. I am retired from health and so called comunity as it exists in ??services…ready to put out an ad to “buy a family” as “the System” just leaves you hanging. No value…yet..people are paying huge amounts of money for child care and simple health issues when there are those, like me, who feel useless. I am wasting away while need exists. Makes no sense. Hope all who dream of communal sustainable living include those who have “elder skills:.

  24. stefan novellino says:

    YOUR MAIL ADRESS !!! remember to write down your mails adresses
    if you want to be contacted !!
    how shall we otherwise come in touch with each other ??

  25. nat says:

    hello everyone, we are looking for the permaculture, community, self sufficient dream with others, with children. our son is 19 months. we are ready now!! has anyone here made any progress, formed any groups….please get in touch.
    Nat, Ale and Indra


  26. Mari says:

    Hello everyone!
    Me and my partner are a couple in their early 30s(port-ital) who bought a land with a little house to restore in Minho area(Arco de Baulhe, 45mins by car from Porto), as it belonged to the family of one of us. We are interested in permaculture, farming, ecoliving, organic produce, slow cooking, crafts… sun and serenity. We are living in London at the moment, but planning to move there by next March or earlier if possible. We are looking for other like-minded people or families, who live or plan to move in this area for networking, skills swap, helping each other and simple meeting to enjoy life.
    Get in touch if you interested and/or need more info about the area.
    Mari and Nuno

  27. Hi people.
    We are ready, the time is NOW.
    We’ve been living in a yurt in the UK for two years now and we want to move to Portugal and start a family.
    We’ve been looking at property in Benfeita and are going to visit for a week around the 19th May 2012 to view some of the properties we’ve been looking at.
    We’re keen to have connections to other young families.

    Let’s all stay in touch.
    Matt and Anna.

  28. Hi people.
    We are ready, the time is NOW.
    We’ve been living in a yurt in the UK for two years now and we want to move to Portugal and start a family.
    We’ve been looking at property in Benfeita and are going to visit for a week around the 19th May 2012 to view some of the properties we’ve been looking at.
    We’re keen to have connections to other young families..

    Let’s all stay in touch.
    Matt and Anna.

  29. nienke says:

    Hi everyone,
    It’s amazing to read about all these projects!
    We (couple) are travelling with a campervan in portugal for 8 months already.
    Now we are looking for a place to come home to. We would love to live in a community that is close to the see. But living with like-minded people is even more important.
    Please let us know about projects going on.
    love and light Nienke and Maurice

  30. madis crowe says:

    i would very much like to know more about costs of land where you are looking and other basic details. i have a 7 year old son. thank u. madis.

  31. natalie says:

    hey matt and anna,
    we are a young family keen and ready to do the same, would nice to talk with you guys. you haven;t left your email.
    we are also ready now and spotted some amazing properties we would like to check out….
    get in touch!!! hurstyfied@yahoo.co.uk

    also anyone on here, it would be great to hear from you…
    love nat

  32. Eddie says:

    Hi…..natalie…..matt and anna…..and others….
    We’ve recently been in the beautiful central portugal area, checking out property and community. We are Eddie and Sol, Viggo (6 years) and Alfie (2 years). There’s lots of stuff happening…cool people, home school groups, easy, laid-back lifestyle….and much more!
    We’re going back soon with a view to buying land (lots to choose from) and living a dream! Get in touch if you’d like to connect.
    smile and love.

  33. kabael says:

    Hi Eddie

    Can you share the optional lands you found, what size of land, price range etc.

    We are looking also to look in central Portugal in July
    And it is good to share information


  34. kabael says:

    Aloha Matt and Anna

    Please let us know what you have found and share your info
    about the land you view this week

    We are looking at 8 lands in central Portugal this July


  35. leo oord says:

    Hello Everybody out there with these good ideas. We are a Dutch copple living in Mondim de Basto. We want to be an ecovillage. We have learned a lot of Portugal and like to share this info with you who are still looking. Specially those famalies with children. What about education?

    We choose for the north of Portugal because here is enough rain for growing food al the year round. And still warm enough for bananas.

    When ever you want to know more of Portugal and the options please read our website and contact us.

    Greetings Léo

  36. francine says:

    Hello everyone!
    Wow, I’m so glad I found this site!!
    Like many of you out there, we too are a family with the same ideas. We are Ferry and Francine (dutch-English) with our two boys Ryo (5) and Jim (7), dog, cat and other animals, looking at settling in Portugal to realise our dreams of permaculture ways, holistic animal management and unschooling. My ultimate dream would even be to create a small democratic school…:)

    We have no idea which part of Portugal yet, but will be travelling in our little campervan through Portugal this summer in search of our dream spot. Preferably a large plot in a frost free area.
    It would be great if we could find areas where other young families are settling in Portugal.
    So, any tips or connections are more than welcome!

    Warm regards,

  37. Venetia Tan says:

    We are a Jersey/Italian & Singaporean couple with a 3 yrs old boy who are going to Spain and Portugal in Oct with an intention to buy a piece of land close to a community of like-minded people.
    We are both interested in the Gerson Therapy and would like to grow our own vegetable and fruit. We are interested in alternative healing and have been practicing visualization and using natural herbs when ill. We are both spiritual people who are interested in going further on this path. Chris is a professional musician and would love to meet other musicians to further his career. V has been involved in setting up an alternative kindergarten with an emphasis on Waldorf Steiner in Egypt for the past few years; she was practicing permaculture in her garden when living in Egypt. Chris was working as a builder for the past 20+ years.
    The place we are looking for is at least 1000m2 in a hilly area with drinkable water source, fertile land and sunny so we can eventually be self-sufficient. We would like some families with young children living nearby so that we can home-educate our children.
    Let me know if anyone is interested: venetiatan@rocketmail.com

  38. leo oord says:


    People who visit Portugal to find out a place where they want to live. See: http://www.fortunaverde.eu
    As we live here over 5 years we can give you a lot of info. Greetings Lèo
    (See reaction 35)

  39. Fran says:

    Hi Everyone, I’m so happy to read all your comments and to find lots of people who want to live in a similar way in the beautiful land of Portugal. Myself, partner and 2 children(3yrs and 5yrs) are currently living in ireland but are nearing the selling process. In April we visited Central Portugal for a couple of weeks and looked at beautiful pieces of land with lots of water and mature trees to buy, mostly in the Serra da Estrela National Park but also in the Benfeita region, which is near Coja. We are returning to Portugal next month to look again. I’d love to meet up with you and share the dream of living in a community self sufficiently and home schooling all the children together to keep their spirit alive. Blessings! Fran

  40. Fran says:

    My email is francesjmoulder@gmail.com and I would love to hear from anyone.

  41. Henrique - Estrela says:

    I want to repeat our wish from December last year: we are three couples with 4 childs between 5 and 7 and looking for more
    childs to make homeschooling.
    Region: Penela – Espinhal – Miranda do Corvo.
    Contact: hepebuch@yahoo.de
    Love & Light

  42. BiaMau says:

    Hello families,
    is still somebody there looking for interested people to share an eco community project in Portugal?
    We are also a familie of 4 (girl 15,boy 11) and would love to move and live together with other families in a nice place or join an existing project there.We are going to Portugal again this year in july/august.Perhaps……..?
    Friendly regards and our email:

  43. Paula Lima says:

    I’m interested in a family or a couple to live in our farm, North of Portugal, Viseu, we have 2,50 acres for agriculture activities and a house which needs small repairs.
    If interested contact…paulalima@hotmail.co.uk

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