Looking for potential members for Permaculture based Eco Village here at Quinta Cabeça do Mato, first meeting in October. e mail if interested.

A procurar de possivel membros de um Eco Aldeia de Permacultura, aqui na Quinta Cabeça do Mato.  A primeiro reuniao e previsto para Octobro. manda um email se es interesada.


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  1. Alexander says:

    would love to learn more about what your doing out there . I am currently in london and looking for somewhere to go next year to learn skills and help out as much as I can , will be living/working on an organic farm this winter and helping to build an eco house . My name is Alex by the way , many thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon

  2. Jon Marston says:

    Hi, I am an artist, primarily a wood sculptor. I have just returned to the UK after living in communitys in Chiapas in southern Mexico, working on eco projects in the rainforest there. I was involved in making eco dwellings, using adobe and wood and extensive work on the regrowth of the rainforest and much more. It is my dream and desire to live in an eco community. please e.mail me! love Jonx

  3. natty says:

    hi, we are a family of three and are looking to join or start a community living situation. Can you send me more information, exact location, where its at now, need for investment? etc.
    between us we have experiance of permaculture design, running projects, basic woodwork, biodiesel production….we love nature. dont think i can get to portugal in october but maybe shortly after…..more please. nat

  4. Etai Zehavi says:

    Hi.My name is Etai and I’m from Israel. I’m intrested in joining an ecovillage or farm in Portugal. please send me details about the meeting.
    thank you


  5. willemijn says:

    Dear Nat,

    I am also interested in your idears on building an eco village but unfortunatly just back in the netherlands after staying in Portugal for 4 months. I would be interested in the update on your plans so if you like, put me in your email list: wlmnvankol@gmail.com

    thanks a lot ..

  6. doris says:

    my daughter 9 and me are interessted in living with nature in community.
    we have four years of experiance from costa rica.permaculture, construction…
    we speak german, spanish and english.


  7. anna greslehner says:

    hi there! just found your add. how´s it going? we are currently staying in portugal and would love to meet you. we are definitely interested in your project!



  8. Somesh says:

    My wife, son and I are moving back to Europe from South Africa in July. We are looking to visit ecovillages in Portugal wait the hope of finding a suitable home one day. I am a music teacher and my wife a health coach and yoga instructor. We are learning as much as we can around the subjects of permaculture and alternative living and hope to be able to add these skills to a community.
    Many thanks

  9. Darja Orel says:


    We are a family of three and thinking to move to Portugal or Spain. We have some agricultural and natural building skill learning about permaculture. We would love some more information about the village..

    thank you


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